Carbon negative… Spiritually positive!


Annapara is a boutique hideaway tucked into the wilderness of Wayanad and perched on top of a hillock. Barefoot luxury in the fresh mountain air is a digital-detox for stressed urban souls. Our swings and hammocks which are scattered all over will help you find a corner to just curl up, chill and take in the serenity around. Chirping birds, chattering insects, call of the Sambhar and the occasional trumpet of Elephants make up a symphony of sorts to soothe the senses. Several species of birds and butterflies are a visual treat.


Come home to where Nature beckons and Serenity beholds!



Rustic Ambiance

5 Heritage Rooms

Built in 1951, each room was…

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Luxury & Space

2 Family Suites

The family suites have evolved…

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Maximum Occupancy

Corporate Offsite

For Corporate events…

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Have a rejuvenating experience

Slow Down

An abundance of nature in its unspoilt form makes it ideal for Yoga, Meditation and for practising Self-awareness.


Traditional Kerala Cuisine

The food we serve has been well appreciated by all our guests from all over the world. The ingredients are bought fresh and seasoned with condiments manually ground on stone.

Nature Trails &


Picturesque trails with breath-taking views through sprawling plantations that will take you past waterfalls, towards the rainforest beyond.

Holiday with your collared folk

Pet Friendly

You don’t have to leave your pet behind. Bring your dog along for a holiday. Especially during Diwali, it is an escape from the noise of crackers.

Contribute to a cause

Sustainable tourism

Encourage an eco-friendly place that follows responsible tourism practices and leaves a low carbon foot print.


The undulating terrain offers interesting Adventure activities..

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Nature Experience

Explore the beauty of the Western Ghats…

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Wayanad Tourism

Wayanad has a lot to offer to the general tourist too…

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Happy guests


Eco Friendly


Home Cooked Food


Carbon Foot Print

Our Culture is a Part of Our Heritage

QAnnapara is located in WAYANAD district in the northern part of Kerala. Wayanad is known for its pristine natural beauty and tropical evergreen forests. The district has two wildlife sanctuaries and offers a host of outdoor activities. The Edakkal Caves and Kuruwa Island are a must-see. The district is home to a large number of Tribal folk.

The pristine atmosphere will seep through your pores and embalm your soul. You will love to meditate in the deafening silence, or rather, the soothing sounds of Nature. Do not be surprised if the hidden artist or poet awakens within you.

SIMPLICITY with all basic comforts, RUSTIC AMBIENCE with utmost cleanliness and genuinely WARM HOSPITALITY with traditional Kerala cuisine adds up to an Amaz!ngly Unique experience at Annapara.